A simple one, walking in the Pyrenees mountians for 3 weeks or so, enjoying the vistas, company, wine, etc.


After some walks in the area (French and Catalan sides) in 2013, and a quick revisit in 2016, a yearning to explore more remains. In 2016 some vague plans were spelt out with Jahn and Sandrine to return.

Outline of IdeasEdit

Thus far:

  • 3 weeks of walking
  • potential to combine with other European adventures
  • late summer (August / September), due to less crowds, better weather (stable, less hot)
  • John and Sandrine likely to be available
  • Preference for multi-day walks, staying in refugios, rather than day walks, as day walks generally involve having to climb up and get back down a reasonable height in a single day. Little desire to camp...
  • Mix of French and Spanish side
  • Would like a smallish group - not defined, but say more than 1 and less than 20, lol
  • Certainly potential for some people to do just bits of the adventure

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